DCDSC Talk and Object Handling Session – 12/08/19

On Monday evening, we were delighted to give a talk to the members and committee of Derby County Disabled Supporters Club. We are extremely grateful to the DCDSC for the opportunity they gave us to introduce some of our collection and delve deeper into what we do as an organisation.

The presentation consisted of an outline of the Collection’s roles and responsibilities as ambassadors of the club’s heritage. We talked about what it is like to run a heritage organisation and all the different things to consider. There were some lively discussions on our successful exhibition at Derby Quad in 2014 and our hopes for a future museum to be developed at Pride Park Stadium.

A “Red Ram”, would you believe it! – A patch brought in by one of the DCDSC members to share with the group.

It was great to see a good mix of young and old at the meeting as I know that us at the Collection and the DCDSC are always on the lookout for younger people to get involved with our activities.

We were also able to provide some details about our future exhibition at Horizons Sixth Form, which opens on 20th September this year. We hope that the DCDSC can join us for our grand opening and perhaps visit the exhibition together as a cohort.

Conversation piece – a signed 2001-2003 home shirt from our collection.

Following our talk and a brief coffee break, we then brought out some objects from our Collection for people to handle and observe. This was a great experience for many, whether they recognised the objects from years gone by or they were completely new.

It was great to see people sharing stories with each other about their memories of following Derby County over the years. The objects helped to facilitate discussions between both old friends and strangers alike; all due to a shared interest in the football club.

DCDSC members chat about old photographs of players and staff.

We thoroughly enjoyed our talk at the DCDSC and we sincerely hope that we will be invited to another one of their events in the near future.

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